Université de Bordeaux

Timetable & learning outcomes

Course content is delivered remotely and will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the principles behind the design and applications of structured surfaces employing colloidal building blocks.

Tentative program

Please note: some self-guided work may be required throughout the summer school.


June 14th


June 15th


June 16th 


June 17th


June 18th

Participant welcome

Directed self-assembly and nanofabrication methods

Surface manipulation and characterization

Advanced scattering techniques for surface characterization

 Functional applications of nanostructured surfaces

Engineering of building blocks for colloidal assembly

Participant flash presentations

Participant flash presentations

Participant flash presentations

Closing discussion

Expertise upon completion

This summer school offers a unique opportunity to develop deep knowledge in surface patterning and colloidal assembly through a multidisciplinary program which aims to link engineering of building blocks with nanofabrication methods and advanced characterization techniques to the functional properties of nanostructured surfaces.

A certificate of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of the course.

Program may be subject to change.